The One-Million Children's March

Our children spoke today – 3/24/2018.  1 million children descended on Washington DC to protest gun violence and demand that our elected officials take action to change the law.

Were you listening? 

There were more people marching today compared to President Trump’s inauguration day. And the children didn’t just march in D.C.  They marched in New York, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles, and even here in Phoenix.  Their voices screamed “Enough is Enough”.  And they are right.

As one young person said, it’s not a legal issue, it’s a moral issue. The children are demanding change.  And they’re calling BS on anyone who is failing to do their jobs and represent the will of the people.

We’ve been dealing with gun violence in schools since Columbine. We’ve been asking for change to the gun laws since Columbine.  Instead of focusing on their educations, these students have been forced to learn how to duck from gun fire and pay attention to staying safe inside schools. This is criminal.  We as adults have failed if this is the lasting lesson today’s children will take away from their school years.

It is time to break the hold the NRA seems to have on our legislature.  It is time to get back to ethical standards that encourage people to do what is right even if the cost is high.  It is time to look at situations we face from the perspective of what is the best action to take, even if that action is not in our own personal favor.  It’s time to learn from our children.

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