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At BusinessEthicsCoach.com we specialize in three things:

Business Acumen –  Ethics Professional Development – Business Coaching.

Our mission is to help business owners know their numbers and create diverse teams that work better together ethically.  To do this, we provide a fun, creative, safe space to practice solving real-life business challenges. We speak in practical, easy-to-understand terms, not “accounting-speak” or technical jargon that means nothing to the average owner or professional.  And we make it comfortable for you, the business owner, to ask questions and tackle that box of receipts sitting in a corner waiting to be taken care of.  

Our training programs use gamification and experiential learning to create an environment where it is easy to retain what you learn and practice using your new knowledge.  We invented a board game called e-Factor! that engages participants to identify and discuss business and ethical dilemmas, and we tailor the scenarios in the program to match situations you’re facing in your work environment.  All business challenges have an ethical issue at their core. We create a safe space to explore those issues and encourage everyone to be part of the solution in solving problems. As an added benefit, we also help people grow their critical thinking, team-building, leadership and decision-making skills in the process. We listen to people, encouraging them to actually share their viewpoints and experience and actively participate in their professional education.

Why games in business education and professional development? Games are considered the most effective adult learning method, providing the following benefits:

  • 90% retention of key concepts vs 10-15% from more traditional learning methods
  • Increased employee participation
  • Enhanced problem solving skills
  • Significantly reduced learning time
  • Immediate application of lessons learned

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