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Everyone knows what ethics means… or Do they?  This 7-page e-book provides a practical guide for turning emotionally charged ethics dilemmas into a step-by-step problem-solving exercise.  We help you define the ethical dilemma in any situation, identify options and stakeholders, and evaluate consequences in order to make better decisions that reduce your risk.


We offer the following programs and services:

Business Coaching

  • Accountability Coaching for groups and individuals
  • One-on-One individual or group business coaching programs
  • Individual or group ethics coaching
  • 3-month, 6-month and 12-month packages

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Coaching Sessions


Financial Literacy and Business Acumen

As Seen on Steve Savant’s Money – The Name of the Game!

Oh the stories your financial statements can tell… if you only knew how to read them!  QuickBooks gives you a financial picture which is just a summary of past events. It’s not enough detail to help you make operating decisions.  Knowing and tracking your financial performance can help you avoid disaster by monitoring trends and seeing potential challenges before they occur.

If you are a business owner doing your own bookkeeping we offer webinars, mastermind groups and one-on-one sessions with a more entrepreneurial view which gets into more detail than your traditional financial statements. We explain where your actions show up on the financials so you can relate what you do to where it “belongs”.  With this detail you can take back control of your accounting and translate your financials into something you can actually use to predict future growth.

We will show you how to interpret your financial statements so you can make better decisions on

  • which products to sell or discontinue
  • whether or not to hire someone or buy assets
  • how to manage resources
  • detect when someone is stealing from you.


Business Ethics Education 

using e-Factor!®, the educational board game of business ethics
  • 60-90 minute Lunch and Learn programs
    • The Dollars and Sense of Ethical Behavior
    •  Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics
    •  Leader vs Staff vs Client View of Ethics

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  • 3 or 4-Hour ethics workshops for general business, Sarbanes-Oxley and CLE
  • 4-Hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for CPAs and CMAs
    • This workshop qualifies for 4 Hours of ethics CPE credit for Arizona licensed CPAs, CMAs and accounting professionals. (It may qualify for other states as well – call to ask)
    • We will cover 1 hour of Arizona Revised Statute and Administrative Code, 1 hour of AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, and a total of 4 hours of content.
    • Breakfast or Dinner is included in the registration fee, and there will be opportunities to network with your peers.  
  • 4-Hour Ethics CPE

Business Consulting

  • Reading and using financial statements to make better business decisions
  • Operational process and procedure reviews
  • Ethics code of conduct reviews or creation

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Professional Speaking

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  • Demystifying Your Financial Statements – Do you know the stories your financials can tell you and the advance warnings they can share?  This 3-part series teaches you how to read and understand your financial statements and learn to use them to help make better business decisions.
  • Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics – We all have different definitions of ethics, which leads to different interpretations and actions when confronted with an ethical dilemma.  This program explores these definitions and reminds us of the positive value to our business for creating and maintaining an ethical culture.
  • Leader vs Staff vs Client View of Ethics – Our view of ethics in some ways depends on the positions we hold in our organizations, and can be very different from our personal ethics and values.  This program takes a look at the view of ethics from each of these three vantage points and helps you create parameters of acceptable behavior that include each viewpoint.
  • Dollars and Sense of Ethical Behavior – How much are you actually spending to protect your business from ethical mayhem created both internally and externally?  This program explores the definition of ethical behavior and helps you quantify the costs of unethical behavior.
  • Using Games in Training – Who says training needs to be boring?! We have found a way to turn dry, boring subjects into fun and interactive sessions where you will actually learn more than how to stay awake in your seat! And if you pay attention, we just might teach you how to create your own games and interactive exercises to spice up mandatory training programs!
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