After watching companies and clients struggle with ethical dilemmas, Marcy J. Maslov invented a business ethics board game to provide a fun, safe practice arena for solving real-life ethical dilemmas. She is intensely interested in helping change the conversation about ethics to something positive and meaningful for everyone.

Marcy is founder and CEO of Empowerment Unlimited Coaching, LLC, a business coaching practice devoted to building strong, ethical leaders and entrepreneurs. She has extensive Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial background that includes implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley programs, creation of corporate ethics courses, forensic accounting and coaching business professionals to start and grow their own companies. Marcy has lived or worked in over 20 countries, including France, Mexico and Canada. She is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach and CPA registered in Illinois and has earned her MBA from Duke University.

BusinessEthicsCoach offers a variety of programs and services, including professional speaking and business education.  Marcy has spoken to a variety of groups, including Vistage, Arizona CPA Society, Institute of Management Accountants, ACES IT Consultants, IEEE, Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics, SHRM, ATD, Phoenix CEO-CFO, AFWA, and others. Her topics include Demystifying Your Financial Statements, Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics, Dollars and Sense of Ethical Behavior, and Leader vs Staff vs Client View of Ethics.

Marcy can be reached at Marcy@e-Factorgame.com.

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